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With more than 30 years experience in the extrusion machinery , and more than 10 years in the WPC field, HYPET truely knows everything about WPC indepth and we set up our own factory in the economic frontier of china, shenzhen. We have grasped the technology from matured formulation, the extrusion processing, to the final product appliation and even marketing. We are definitely your first choice when you decide to enter the WPC business.
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  • HYPET is the most experienced production line manufacturer
  • HYPET represents the highest standard in the WPC technology
  • Having our own WPC profile facotry provides a gurantee of your sucess
  • Beautifully finished products is a combination of many factors and we are your full solution provider
  • Proven marketing approach is a bonus service
  • A most cost efficient method to enter the market can be recommended to you

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