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  • Kinds of pelletize die head

    Used for various kinds of pelletizing line

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  • Kinds of pelletize cutting auxiliary

    Suitable for various pelletizing line .

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  • Filler 85% CaCo3 pelletize line

    Improved mechanic,heating, electric performance

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  • Strapping pelletize production line

    Strapping pelletizing line consists of single screw extruder , feeder ,
    Vacuum air exhausting system , Double position screen changer ,Strap die Head,Stainless s...

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  • Masterbatch pelletize line

    Materbatch ,added with other agents, good plasticization, high output

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  • PP under-water pelletize line

    PP under water pelletizing line consists of er rotating parallel twin screw extruder, plate style screen changer, melting pump, driving valve system, die, pelletizer, pneumatic va...

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  • PE/PP water ring pelletize line

    Consists of forceful feeding, single screw extruder ,screen changer, water ring cutter, vibrator,centrifuge dewatering,material stock and control unit.

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  • PVC transparent pelletize line

    PVC transparent pelletize line required very high technical standard .
    HYPET PVC transparent pelletizing line can bring worldly standard machinery.

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