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  • New high efficient single screw extruder

    Special optimized structure
    Groove structure for the barrel
    High in output , excellent in plasticization

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  • High efficient single screw extruder

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  • Co-extrusion single screw extruder

    Suitable for co extrusion

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  • PE single screw extruder

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  • Venting single screw extruder

    Big LD ratio
    Exclusive for venting screw structure

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  • Standard single screw extruder

    High rotating speed, big output
    High LD , ensuring plasticization
    Optimized screw design, energy saving

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  • Conic twin screw extruder

    Screw size from 35 to 105mm
    Special deal with the srcew barrel
    It can be co-extrusion

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  • Parallel twin screw extruder

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