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WPC profile extrusion line

WPC decking production line

  • HYPET high quality conic twin screw extruder , especially designed for WPE
  • We use the best material for the screw and barrel. We adopt bimetal structure so the durability is much longer
  • The German style gear box is designed and manufactured by HYPET. It is highly compacted with low failure rate.  The durability and the strength is the best in china 
    the structure of the palletizing line die head and runner are specially designed. Special alloy is used in the material plate to ensure the long durability
    The calibrating tank of the WPC production line uses Taiwan design structure and the configuration of the water pipe and vacuum pipe is very efficient, ensuring the easy operation
  • Special adjusting device is also applied in the calibrating tank to ensure the accurate centering with the mold. This is a special technology from us to make the actual operation more convenient
  • The haul off and cutter uses German and Italian technology
  • Plug-in style of haul off rubber is used so it is easy to be changed. The rubber block is thicker than most of the other companies product
  • Multiple cutting structure are optional according to different Wpc product
  • We have also on the front for the future development of the WPC application. We are very familiar with different mold factories, recommending the most suitable supplier for different type of WPC
  • Each line delivered by HYPET is designed and developed based on the rich practical feedback. We also hold the open attitude to share our technology and our recourse to get improvement with our customer

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