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Auxiliary machines


Energy savings: reduce heat loss, recycling, significant savings in electricity
Increased efficiency: heat concentration, dehumidification equipment quickly out of the machine, speed up the drying rate
Environmental purification: closed design, in the process of drying can filter dust, to avoid pollution, and reduce the drying caused by the working environment of the temperature

  • Product Detail
1, color uniform cooling hot air with high performance hot air diffusion device, keep the plastic dryer temperature uniformity, increase the drying efficiency.
2, unique hot air duct design, to avoid dust accumulation in the bottom of the electric tube, causing combustion.
3, the barrel and the internal parts are made of stainless steel.
4, the barrel and the bottom of the separation, cleaning material is convenient, refueling quickly.
5, the use of proportional deviation indicating temperature controller, can accurately control the temperature.
6, a double overheating protection device, can reduce the man-made or mechanical failure caused by the accident.
7, a variety of models can provide preheat timing device, microcomputer control and double insulation material bucket selection.
8, full digital PIO control LED status display.
9,0-99 hours of regular automatic boot.

10, to provide intermittent dryer way to achieve the purpose of saving power.