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Auxiliary machines


Automatic plastic milling machine is a series of grinding disc plastic mill, with high output and low energy consumption characteristics, for PE, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, EVA and PET and other materials grinding processing.

  • Product Detail

1. Disc design, high yield, wear resistance, life is 2 times the ordinary disc.

2. Special bearings, high speed, the use of a drive motor to ensure efficient installation of the phantom, saving the mechanical operation time.
3. Easy installation and maintenance, open the door to clean up.
4. Milling process is completely sealed, no dust evil road.
5. Automatic feeding, discharging and sorting.
6. 10 ~ 120 mesh adjustable grinding clearance adjustment is simple, only need to use the feeler and adjust the bolt can be adjusted accurately.

7. The host uses air-cooled and water-cooled dual-cooling systems.