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Auxiliary machines

Water chiller

Industrial water chillers imported high quality brass, thick design, pouring imported cold liquid, the effect is particularly good. Built-in security, low noise, power saving. High EER value, low noise, stable operation.

  • Product Detail

1. Select Europe and the United States and Japan new original compressor, built-in security, security, quiet, energy saving and durable. Host selected brand-name compressor, built-in security, low noise, power, cooling effect is particularly good.

2. Low temperature air-cooled freezer with original water pump, especially quiet, energy saving, low noise; equipped with precision microcomputer controller, stainless steel open water tank, easy cleaning and maintenance, durable.

3. Industrial chillers imported high-quality brass, thick design, pouring imported cold liquid, the effect is particularly good. Perfect automatic control system, abnormal alarm display device. Water-cooled unit condenser for the casing, the external thread copper tube composition, excellent design, excellent heat transfer effect; air-cooled unit cooling cold row, by the Alice with the ranks of copper tube composition, easy punch punching, flip quality and reliable , The second flanging brass and Alice board in close contact, high heat transfer efficiency;

4. Industrial chillers with full imports of copper and automatic elbow welding, greatly increased the air tightness, to prevent the phenomenon of refrigerant leakage, especially for water resources or water quality of high hardness areas. Design novel, easy to move, operation, maintenance is simple.

5. Screw chiller low noise fan motor, excellent cooling condensation effect, stable throttle body, excellent anti-rust treatment.
6. Air-cooled chillers imported from Europe and the United States high-performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable operation.