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Auxiliary machines

Dosing feeder device

When the quantitative packing scale into the automatic operation state, the weighing control system to open the feed gate to start feeding, the feeding device for the fast and slow two feeding mode; when the material reaches the fast feed set value, stop fast to When the material weight reaches the final set value, close the feed gate to complete the dynamic weighing process; at this time the system detects whether the bagging device is in the predetermined state, when the bag has been clamped, the system sends out The control signal opens the weighing bucket unloading gate, the material enters the packing bag, the material is discharged after the automatic closing the weighing hopper the unloading door; after unloading the material unscrew the folder packing device, the packing bag falls automatically; Stitch the bag and deliver it to the next station. So the cycle of automatic operation.

  • Product Detail
1, the powder packaging machine is set machine, electricity, light, instrument in one, single-chip control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions
2, fast: the use of spiral cutting, light control technology
3, high precision: the use of stepper motor and electronic weighing technology
4, a wide range of packaging: the same quantitative packaging machine in the 5-5000g through the electronic scale keyboard to adjust and replace the different specifications of the screw continuous adjustable
5, the scope of application: a certain flow of powder-like, granular materials can be
6, suitable for bags, cans, bottles and other packaging containers powder quantitative packaging
7, due to the proportion of material and material level changes caused by the error can be automatically track correction
8, photoelectric switch control, only manual bagging, pocket clean, easy to seal

9, with the material contact parts are made of stainless steel, easy to clean, to prevent cross-contamination