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Plastic recycling line

Crusher, Shredder, Pulverizer

This series of models have the most advanced design concept. Rugged welded steel construction models for a variety of special applications according to different needs, to provide different designs to choose from.

  • Product Detail
Shredder with microcomputer PLC automatic control. Set the start, stop, reverse and overload auto reverse control functions. Low speed operation, with high torque, low noise and other advantages. Mainly used for dealing with crushing shells and single-wall relatively thin plastic products such as: TV, refrigerator, hollow barrels and other rubber, wood, tires and other materials.

       The crusher is specially developed for materials that are more difficult to break, especially those with high toughness or foreign matter, and the crusher has a very large capacity, especially for thin film materials. The rotor is designed with a steel rotor , Which is equipped with helically distributed segmented short blades, the special structure of the crusher reduces the damage to the spindle due to the bulk and foreign matter of the material. Crusher box and screen are open and closed by the hydraulic, for the replacement of blades and screens save a lot of time. The crusher works at low speed, making the dust less and less noise.

       Mill mainly by the grinding chamber, grading machine, cyclone separator, dust box, fan and air compressor composition. Which grinding room by the rack, blade, roller, grinding ring, shell and other components. Work, the need to crush the material from the grinding chamber shell side of the feed inlet to join the machine, relying on hanging in the grinding room plum rack on the roller device, around the vertical axis of the revolution, while the rotation itself, due to centrifugal force during rotation Role, the roller swing out, pressing the grinding ring, so that the shovel shovel material, sent to the roller and grinding ring, plus roller roll to achieve the purpose of crushing the material.