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Plastic recycling line

PE/PP film recyle pelletizing line

PE / PP waste recycling line of the best configuration structure, the entire system configuration package broken cleaning and drying unit, etc.

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1. Crushing process.
It is better to wash with water. Because some good high-pressure film if you keep enough clean, no need to add new material can be re-blown film. So in the crushing process to pay attention to clean, when the crushing material flow to the sink after the best scroll again, the purpose is to further clean the cleaning point.
2. Drying process.
Usually to the dryer to dry the water to dry, if conditions on the dry, so you can save electricity, improve quality, of course, should pay attention to prevent the material in the sun in the secondary pollution.
3. Granulation process.
The particles produced by a dedicated extruder have two basic uses: blow molding and injection molding again. The material from the 60 to 80 mesh filter can be blown again; the material coming out of the 40 to 60 mesh filter can meet the quality requirements of the injection molding. In general, high-pressure material blown film again, good blowing color, almost blowing black film and garbage bags, do injection of plastic after the price is lower.
4. The pelletizing process,
Usually cold water pelletizing. This process must pay attention to packaging when the distinction between labels. A blow molding, an injection molding, so as not to make mistakes. In addition, the blown bags must be outside the bag plus lined bags to avoid secondary pollution.