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Plastic recycling line

PET strapping production line

Stable and even plasticization
Temperature controlling 
Auto/manul screen changer
Big force haul off
High speed extrusion

  • Product Detail
  • 1. Extruder with PET special screw, unique parameter design, the screw has a unique separation and mixing effect, to ensure the uniform plastic material. With a large amount of extrusion, plastic good, high hardness, high wear resistance Etc 
    2. Stereo folding large area filter device, the filter area is 30 times the size of the traditional flat filter area so much, the filter mesh can reach 80 mesh, you can use 100% bottle of material production, the quality of finished products can be and New material than the United States.
    3. The company's production of the wheel honeycomb dehumidification drying system for drying raw materials, -50 ℃ dew point that is to ensure that the moisture content of raw materials in ≤ 50PPM, but also on the original solid-phase polycondensation with the role;
    4. This set of unique two stretch process, with a good rigidity, width and stability, improve the tensile strength of finished products.
    5. Winding machine with double-bit winding device, simple operation, easy to change;
    6. High-precision components, product quality and stability, width, thickness fluctuations are far less than the national standard; unique network device, greatly reducing the time for the network, improve work efficiency.
    7. Unique oven cycle heating system, the internal use of reciprocating winding method, make full use of heat greatly reduce power consumption.
    8. Unique circulation cooling system, multiple sets of guide belt roller, so that the packaging belt cooling shrink more stereotypes, the product more stable, more accurate size;
    9. Five-roll traction system, traction stability, equipment running smoothly, reduce the failure rate, reduce the maintenance costs 60%;
    10. High-precision special embossing and compression device, adjustable pressure, embossing wheel can be synchronized up and down, embossed clear, beautiful, improve product quality, with Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea packaged with Bimi;
    11. Constant force winding system, unique design parameters, in line with high yield, tape with excellent results, both sides of the flat and beautiful;
    12. Wheel and shaft parts using high-strength alloy steel, gear carburizing, quenching, grinding and other processing technology, equipment failure rate reduced by 60%.