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Plastic recycling line

Two stage recycle pelletizing machine

Two stage recycling line is a practical pelletizing line , used in various plastic recyclcing, especially for high water content and dirty material. High output and energy saving.

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The series of production lines by the two sets of extruder composed of the main body, with a particularly reasonable design, used in the recovery of high moisture content of the film and a variety of foam material effect is more significant, to ensure that the sol mixing effect and colloidal compact The The double exhaust system increases the displacement and makes the displacement more complete. Optimized forced feeding system, so that greatly enhance the production capacity. High - speed mixing granulator and single screw extruder clever cooperation.
Film, fiber and other materials by high-speed chopped directly into the extruder.
Applicable to the recovery of various waste plastics.
Low melting temperature, effectively reducing the material degradation again.
Suitable for PE, EVA, PVC waste film and PE, PVC, ABS, PP ingredients granulation. This machine is used for the granulation of nylon and polyoxymethylene crushed material. It adopts the structure of double-step machine to achieve the purpose of double-layer filtration. It can effectively remove the impurities contained in the material and fully ventilate it. Uniform, strong and full of particles, shiny.
Plastic mixing evenly, compact structure, low energy consumption, high yield.
The auxiliary machine adopts the wind to send the aggregate, the vibration is separated from the cooling, has the high degree of automation, the high production efficiency.
Production of plastic particles uniform, dense, beautiful.
Supporting the eager to air-cooled, water ring cooling and cutting and other auxiliary