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Plastic pelletizing line

PP under-water pelletize line

PP under water pelletizing line consists of er rotating parallel twin screw extruder, plate style screen changer, melting pump, driving valve system, die, pelletizer, pneumatic valve, hydraulic control unit ,water tank, separating device, centrifugal dewatering, blower silo and electrical control unit.

  • Product Detail
  • Underwater granulation production unit granulation method is the mold surface and the cutter into the water work, the extruder out of the material in the water after pelletizing through high pressure water into the high-speed centrifugal dehydration dehydration drying The unit effectively solve the air-cooled, water ring granulation can not produce into the material, to break the traditional water pull granulation cold cutting granulation way, effectively solve the pull strip forming unsightly, easy to break, artificial , The problem of low yield. Production of finished products rounded, uniform and high yield, low energy consumption, and more than the equivalent cost of material to produce a higher profit margins more welcomed by customers.