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Plastic profile extrusion line

PVC cable conduit / trunking production line

  • One of HYPET most advantageous productionline
  • HYPET unique design for screw and barrel
  • Long durability, big output
  • Most advanced technology
  • Imported electric components
  • Adjustable calibrating tank easy for operation
  • High efficient cutter
  • German style, worldly standard

  • Product Detail

PVC trunking production line by the twin-screw extruder, mold, vacuum setting Taiwan, traction machine, cutting machine, heap material machine. Production process: PVC raw materials from the screw feeder to the high-speed mixer unit high-speed mixing, PVC raw materials in the hot mixers fully mixed to reach the appropriate temperature automatically placed in the cold mixer low speed stirring to 40 ~ 50 ° and then by the spring feeding Machine to the twin-screw extruder, PVC raw material plasticizing here, extrusion molding through the mold, and then by the vacuum shaping table on the stereotypes through the vacuum and cooling water stereotypes, automatic traction through the traction machine to adjust the traction machine speed, So that the extruder extrusion synchronization with the traction machine, the rotary encoder on the exit of the traction machine above the pinch plate, the rotary encoder automatically start meter length, to set the length of the signal to the gusset plate without debris Cutting machine cutting, the last stacker automatically stacked material.